Inafune Has Left The Building – Update

Keiji Inafune; designer of MegaMan, producer of both Onimusha and Dead Rising, will be leaving Capcom at the end of the month.

His blog states “Work as a CEO requires speaking about your dreams and evaluating your subordinates. If you can do these two things, anyone can be CEO. I’ve always thought that, and I still do. However, I can no longer do these two at Daletto. I’ve lost the authority to evaluate my subordinates and the qualification to speak about my dreams.

Capcom mentions that Inafune has reached the ‘‘highest point in software development” and that there was no room for improvement. This is truly devastating news for not only fans of his work, but for Capcom as a company. This is not to say that MegaMan, Dead Rising, etcetera will not disappear, just Inafune will no longer be working for the company.

Capcom Unity member Joveth “jgonzo” Gonzales has written a follow up piece to this news:
Please try not to freak out! Legends 3 is not canceled. There were already producers and directors working on the title and they will continue to work on the game as planned. Same goes for the Street Fighter franchise.

I did not expect this to come so soon, or at all, but the sudden departure is both disappointing and heartbreaking.

Via Andriasang.


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