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Review – Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , , on April 18, 2011 by Cazza

With the 3DS finally released and the launch window now open, many games have been flooding to the system. Some good, some not so good. The launch line-up hasn’t been the strongest we’ve ever seen for a Nintendo system, but Capcom are here to lend a hand with a picture perfect adaptation of their hit console game, Super Street Fighter IV. Can it make as much of an impact on the 3DS as it did on the Xbox 360 and PS3? Ono-San of Capcom certainly believes so, and so do I. Hit the jump for the full review of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Fighter
Release Date: Out Now!

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D – Trailer

Posted in News with tags , , , , on September 29, 2010 by Cazza

Speaks for itself, really. The game is shaping up nicely! Here’s hoping it’s a launch title. In the trailer, we can see that the alternate costumes are present. Will these be included with the game or will we have to purchase them via … dare I say it … DLC? DLC on a Nintendo console!?

Feature: Fighting Games Throughout The Ages

Posted in Features with tags , , , , , on August 9, 2010 by Cazza

It’s not hard at all to see that fighting games are becoming more popular. Many gamers, myself included, have very fond memories of the old days when MvC 2 and 3rd Strike were talked about non stop amongst the fighting game community. Skip forward to 2010 and we have so many new fighters it’s unbelievable. It’s not just Capcom either, many other video game companies are dishing out their beat em ups in hopes of competing. Hit the jump for the full feature article

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