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Christmas Gaming On iOS

Posted in Features with tags , on December 18, 2010 by metazura

Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad waiting for you under the tree? Perhaps you already own one? If so, this is my pick of the very best festive titles you should be playing this holiday season.

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Feature: Halloween? Dementium Time

Posted in Features with tags , , , on October 31, 2010 by Cazza

This is a pre-recorded message letting you know that this article has been typed up prior to posting date. Yeah but lolsrs, I won’t be here on Halloween, sadly, so I’ve left it to the other busy bees at ABG to post this article for me. Since Halloween is coming up, and I bloody love the Dementium series, I couldn’t resist typing up something about it. There are quite a lot of people who haven’t heard of the Dementium series, so I’ve made it my goal to tell as much people as I can about it. To all of you hopefully reading this article on the 31st, have a Happy Halloween and be sure to pick up both Dementium and Dementium II, or you’ll make Jools, Gregg and the Renegade Kid staff sad. We don’t want that do we?

-Cazza, ABG Staff Writer

Wahey, it’s Halloween! For us too old to dress up and knock on doors for sweets, what can we do to celebrate? Video Games. There are many spooky games out there, some of them being top grade titles giving you more than a scare. But to me, one franchise sticks out from the rest. It’s not Resident Evil and it’s certainly not Silent Hill either. What could it be? Why, of course, it’s Renegade Kid’s Dementium franchise!  Hit the jump for the full feature on Dementium: The Ward and it’s sequel, Dementium II!

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MCM Expo This Weekend. Are You Ready?

Posted in Features with tags , , , , , , on October 28, 2010 by Connor

Once again the London MCM Expo is here, and this time it’ll be here for three days, from 29th October to the 31st! The forever growing Expo is considered by many the UK’s closest alternative to America’s Comic-Con, and there’s good reason for this! With new and unreleased games playable, as well as hundreds of cosplayers and some Hollywood Actors and Voice Actors, the MCM Expo really is London’s Comic-Con. We’ve got all your London Expo games information you’ll need right here, as well as general information for surviving during the day, so for your ultimate guide, hit the jump! Continue reading

Feature: Fighting Games Throughout The Ages

Posted in Features with tags , , , , , on August 9, 2010 by Cazza

It’s not hard at all to see that fighting games are becoming more popular. Many gamers, myself included, have very fond memories of the old days when MvC 2 and 3rd Strike were talked about non stop amongst the fighting game community. Skip forward to 2010 and we have so many new fighters it’s unbelievable. It’s not just Capcom either, many other video game companies are dishing out their beat em ups in hopes of competing. Hit the jump for the full feature article

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Nintendo’s UK Press Event: 3DS and more!

Posted in Features, News on July 27, 2010 by Connor

Today Nintendo held a massive press event in the UK, where they could show off all of their great stuff from E3 to the British media, and we at AngryBeeGaming were lucky enough to not attend! So hit the jump for our detailed report on everything there, including Nintendo’s new handheld, the 3DS.

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