Angry Birds Update Adds Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds players were given an early Christmas gift today when a rather bulky update hit the App Store.

The update gives us a brand new episode; Ham ‘Em High with fifteen levels and forty-five coming in the future. The main attraction here is the Mighty Eagle. If you’re ever dumbfounded as to how to beat a level, simply tap the Mighty Eagle logo and you’ll be taken to the purchase page. The Mighty Eagle is 59p or $0.99.

The Mighty Eagle, when selected, changes your army of birds into a tin of sardines. Once flung from your catapult, a few seconds is needed before a great black mass swoops down, destroying every pig in sight. This addition does not grant you a star rating, so completionists will have to re-play the level to achieve that much sought after three star rank.

Adding more incentive to replaying earlier levels, The Mighty Eagle adds another rank, a Destruction Rank. Eliminating almost everything on screen will get you a Total Destruction rank and a feather on the level select screen. Again, something for those looking to beat the title to completion.


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