Christmas Gaming On iOS

Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad waiting for you under the tree? Perhaps you already own one? If so, this is my pick of the very best festive titles you should be playing this holiday season.

First up, we have a small game with a lot of charm.

Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition
FDG Entertainment

Beyond Ynth’s Christmas edition feels more like an introduction. A demo if you will, for the full game with a mere five levels with very little challenge.

In Beyond Ynth, you take control of a small bug named Kribl in his quest to collect gifts for Santa. It’s a fun but short experience utilising a unique control system and implementing various obstacles along the way. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend a quick ten minutes, you might want to pick this up.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas
Adult Swim

After dreaming about galloping through magical lands in the original, to daring nightmares in Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal, we now have the chance to frolic in the snow in Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas, as mentioned before, is a simple cosmetic change from the previous two iterations. Don’t let that put you off. It’s most certainly retained its drug like effect. You’ll be determined to beat your previous scores with a simple control scheme with one button to jump, and another to blast forth with a great bolt of ice.

Definitely one for the competitive types out there.

Cut The Rope Christmas Gift

Cut The Rope has been climbing its way up the iTunes charts as of late, and is a serious Angry Birds competitor.

For those still unsure of the objective the aim of Cut The Rope; your job is to cut the rope to drop the candy into OmNom’s gob. Sounds simple, right? Well, the first levels are, to an extent. When you get both stockings and pumps involved, levels can take several attempts to gain that three star rank. The physics engine in Cut The Rope Christmas Gift is yet again stellar with the candy falling how you’d expect. If you’ve played the original and are still looking for more content, look no further.

Angry Birds Seasons
Rovio Mobile

Formerly Angry Birds Halloween, Rovio Mobile added a free update at the end of November, changing the name to the one we have now.

The update was not only a change of name, it also added 25 extra levels to be played every day on the lead up to Christmas day.

Each day we’ve had access to a brand new level, gradually increasing in difficulty. The object of Angry Birds, if you’ve still not heard of it, is to fling your army of feathered friends into the evil pig’s hideouts’ destroying them. Cause the most amount of damage possible to net yourself the three star rank for the day. It’s a fun game which I guarantee will have you checking back daily for your dose of bird flinging fun.

For your money, you’re getting Angry Birds Halloween containing over forty levels, and Angry Birds Christmas giving you another twenty-five. Extra’s are unlocked after achieving the three star rank in each level. Well worth the purchase if you’re at all a fan of the original.

Enjoy, and have a very merry Christmas from both me, and the ABG staff.


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