Spike Video Game Awards: Portal 2 Aperture Friends

Portal 2, Game of the Year 2011 already? Quite possibly, the Spike Video Game Awards has proved to be a real smorgasbord of announcements and trailers. So, here is the newly premiered “Aperture Friends” trailer showcasing the awesome multiplayer robots. Or what I call, the “Bro-bots”.

So please to enjoy, the “Aperture Friends” trailer and hit the Jump for a round-up of my personal favourite trailers from the already infamous, Portal 2.

The “Meet Wheatley” trailer is a true depiction of Valves incredibly unique wit and humor. A personality core with a distinctly British accent and of course, GlaDOS’s chillingly awesome dialogue.

Co-op Introduction Trailer, completely narrated by GlaDOS, features the awesomely hilarious Multiplayer Bots and shows some devilishly difficult test chambers, what more could you want?


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