Spike Video Game Awards Premiere: Mass Effect 3

Whats this? Another announcement from the Spike Video Game Awards? It cant be, Yes! Its true!

Another announcement was the next “big blockbuster title” from Bioware and to be truthful, we were all expecting Sonic Dark Brotherhood 2, But oh surprise, its Mass Effect 3

Hit the Jump for release date and teaser trailer!

Mass Effect 3, judging from the trailer seemed to show an all out war with Shepard fending his way through an onslaught of alien attacks in jolly old England, London to be precise!

The game has been slated for a Holiday 2011 release, no exact date has been confirmed at this time but the trailer has alluded some to think that the game will ship with a Multiplayer mode. Personally I have nothing against that, but each to their own.

So again, please to enjoy. Mass Effect 3 teaser trailer



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