Pokémon Black/White – English Starter Names & Region

It’s been a long day, but Nintendo finally gave us what we’ve been waiting for. Say goodbye to Smugleaf, Pignite and Wotter, as the official english names are now out in the open. We have Snivy, the grass starter. Tepig, the fire starter. And lastly, Oshawott the water starter. Wott indeed.

That’s not all we’ve got. Nintendo have officially re-named the Isshu region to Unova. This is the first time Nintendo has re-named a region. Is Isshu really too hard to pronounce? I have a harder time pronouncing Reshiram and Zekrom. I’m on the fence about this. I’m upset at no Smugleaf but the region name change has baffled me. What are you doing Nintendo?



9 Responses to “Pokémon Black/White – English Starter Names & Region”

  1. Wow. This is an epic fail. This is a great example of trying TOO hard to come up with a workable portmanteau. Snivy…really? Not only do I think this batch of starters is the worst yet, they now have the names to match their awefullness. I do like the region name change, though. Unova sounds way cooler than Isshu (issue).

    • u mad!

      Snivy sounds like Snake or Snide + ivy, which is cool, and in many ways more original than the fan favourite Smugleaf. Also it is a cool name!

      Tepid is pretty self explanatory unless you have no idea what tepid is. In which case get educated!

      Osshawott sounds weird and japanese, kind of like a samurai’s name- Oh wait, he IS a Samurai!

      And yeah I mad about Unova but it spells United States OV America if it makes you feel any better.

    • also are you Ross from friends?

      • Connor i’m happy for you and i’mma let you finish, but these starter names are the worse Pokemon names of ALL time. of ALL time.

        They’re shit names Thamas, dont defend Nintendo on this they still cant come up with decent Pokemon names and they havent since Pokemon Gold.

      • Also these comments made you sound like a raving mad pokemon fanboy, not impressed.

    • “Unova sounds way cooler than Isshu (issue).”

      No, IT DOESN’T. Unova (Unown) sounds AWFUL, especially as a region’s name. Isshu was MUCH better.

  2. If DENNIS isn’t called DENNIS, I’m going to rage. Then change it.

    They’ve tried too hard to avoid the memes, I can tell. They’ve sort of retained a few, though, I mean, OSHAWOTT = WOTTER. PIGNITE = TEPIG.

    SMUGLEAF will be the only and last POKEMON I rename in White.

    And yes, everything to do with POKEMON has to be in caps.

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