MvC3 – Jill, Shuma, Special Edition confirmed

Last night, we were told both Megaman’s Zero and She-Hulk will be making appearances in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Today, the news keeps rolling in.

Capcom announced today that a special edition of the game will be made available through GameStop stores from February 15th 2011. This is of course the North American release date, with the European launch still unknown.

As you can see, the special edition is brimming full of crossover goodness. A Steelbook case, exclusive art, and exclusive comic and art book, among others.

The main draw here is, for me, the two extra characters made a timed exclusive to this edition. Both Jill Valentine of Resident Evil fame, and Shuma Gorath will be making their return. Fear not; the characters will be made available to everyone once the title makes it’s one month anniversary.

Either way, I think this is a very nice collection, and will most certainly be picking this up, if it is ever to see a release outside of The States. If only to use Jill early.


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