MvC 3 – Full Roster Leak?

I apologise for the generic header image. Too lazy to make an image of Edgeworth being sad. A post on fighting game website Shoryuken has revealed that the full roster for Marvel vs Capcom 3 may have just been leaked. Hit the jump for the leak list, but be wary of spoilers.

Marvel Side
-Galactus (Boss) (unrevealed)
-Taskmaster (unlock) (unrevealed)
-Shuma-Gorath (DLC) (leaked)
-Captain America
-Dr. Doom
-Sentinel (unrevealed)
-Storm (unrevealed)
-Phoenix/Dark Phoenix (unrevealed)
-Super Skrull
-Iron Man

Capcom Side
-Rad Spencer
-Chun Li
-C. Viper (unrevealed)
-Hsien-ko (unrevealed)
-Jill (DLC) (unrevealed)
-Viewtiful Joe
-Tron Bonne
-Mike Haggar (leaked)
-Akuma (unlock) (unrevealed)

-Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright make cameos in She-Hulk’s ending. I think I might be missing a character, but it’s 38 for the roster.
-Yes, if you have a full 5 stock bar and Phoenix dies she comes back as dark Phoenix like gill resurrection. Also she has seth like health.

Thor is missing from the list, but the poster specifies that he may have left out a character. Are you happy with this being the final roster? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Excited for Haggar, but disappointed at Edgeworth and Franziska being deconfirmed. There goes any hopes of an Ace Attorney rep.



7 Responses to “MvC 3 – Full Roster Leak?”

  1. No Megaman or Cyclops? Boo.

    • Cyclops was deconfirmed quite a while ago. I’m going to assume that Mega is deconfirmed due to the fact Zero has a blue alt.

  2. As long as Phoenix is in I’m happy

  3. I hoping the Phoenix one is true!!!

  4. KenFan9276 Says:

    Why did Phoenix Wright have to make only a DAMN CAMEO!?! HE’S TOO AWESOME FOR THAT!

  5. […] She Hulk in Marvel vs Capcom 3. That was enough to excite me, but then I started reading news about Phoenix, Storm, and Jill Valentine being rumored in the game. Jill I found out to be confirmed. I’m […]

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