Is This A Bad Sign For Sonic?

It seems Sonic Colours isn’t doing too good in the sales department. The game has just managed to break into the top 40 of the UK charts, but not by far. Colours is currently standing at the low number of 36, which doesn’t bode too well for our blue friend. November wasn’t exactly the most profitable time to release the game, what with the likes of Goldeneye and Call of Duty: Black Ops being released. Not to mention the release of Microsoft’s peripheral, Kinect.

Let’s hope that people are putting Sonic Colours on their christmas lists to Santa, it would be a shame to see Colours bomb. All we can do is wait and see if people are willing to pick up on the game. For now, it’s up to you, US Sonic fans.



3 Responses to “Is This A Bad Sign For Sonic?”

  1. To be fair Caz, this is probably the best time for them to release the game. The young Sonic fans can ask for it for christmas. But to be fair, its a core game on Wii. The outlook isnt bright my friend.

  2. All the hype seemed to be directed in the direction of Sonic 4. This will definitely sell more at Christmas though.

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