Review – Sonic Colours (Wii)

Sonic Colours
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: SEGA
Platforms: Wii, DS
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: Out Now (EU), 16th November (US)

Welp, our yearly 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game is finally here and the fanbase is ready to love and hate it. Sonic’s finally gotten his  feet back on the ground with last month’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, but is Sonic Colours moving the hedgehog forwards or backwards? You know the drill (that was a pun, by the way), hit the jump for the full review of Sonic Colours (Wii)!

Once again, SEGA are somewhat listening to fan demands. Sonic Colours jumps straight into the action, no world-ending plot in sight. In fact, the plot feels a lot like what a Sonic game should have. Something silly and light-hearted. Sonic’s latest adventure features the blue dude himself, his sidekick Tails and the lovable Dr.Robotnik. Nobody else, just those characters we all know. The basic plot is that Dr.Robotnik has built an amusement park and is using it as a way to capture the alien race known as “wisps”. Sonic, being the hero and all, decides to help free the wisps and stop Dr.Robotnik … again. It’s a better plot than Sonic ’06 anyway. Oh and the amusement park is in space. How awesome is that?

After listening to the feedback from Sonic Unleashed, SEGA decided to scrap the Werehog stages and give us a game full of daytime style levels. Sonic Colours is essentially “Sonic Unleashed – No Werehog Edition”, with a different setting of course. Levels are a mix of 2D and 3D sections, with 2D sections being a majority of the game. The boost bar also makes a return, allowing Sonic to zoom ahead at max speed, knocking away any objects and enemies in his way. Unlike in Sonic Unleashed, the bar is filled up from obtaining wisps via destroying enemies or opening containers. Oh that’s right, we haven’t talked about the wisps yet!

Sonic Colours’ biggest feature, not so much a gimmick this time, is the wisps themselves. In gameplay, they act as a power up for Sonic, giving him different abilities. There are several types of wisps you can find throughout the game, each with their own power. The cyan wisp lets Sonic shoot off in a laser, the orange wisp sends him shooting up into the sky like a rocket and the pink wisp let you scale walls and platforms as a huge spiked ball. It doesn’t sound too appealing at first but when you get to play with the wisp powers, you’ll realise just how well it works. You unlock the wisps as you progress through the game, which actually adds some replay value onto the game.

In every level, bar the boss zones and final area, there are 5 red rings for you to find. Xbox 360 console not included. To get every ring, you need the ability of every wisp, which is where the replayability comes in. After you finish the main game, it may be worth your time to play through the levels again and get every ring. It’s a good thing that they’re a challenge to find but some of the red rings were just frustratingly painful to obtain. Nothing hurts more than getting through a tricky section and claiming your red ring, only to fall down a hole hidden in the path and lose it. Not cool SEGA, not cool.

When you collect enough red rings, you’ll unlock levels in the “Sonic Simulator”, a game mode which allows you to play as a robotic Sonic (not Metallix) or your Mii. You can play this mode solo, or with a friend in co-op. The idea is to get to the end of the level within a 3 life limit, making use of wisps and platforming. An interesting fact is that some of the levels are actually based on the layouts from previous Sonic titles. Zones such as Green Hill, Spring Yard and Scrap Brain are a few of the stages present. When you clear enough levels, you’ll be awarded with Chaos Emeralds. What happens when you get them all? Well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

At the end of every zone, you’re thrown into an obligatory boss battle. The first few bosses are fun and really different from some of the stuff we’ve seen in previous Sonic titles. But SEGA got lazy and re-used the same boss battles by changing their colour and adding a new move to their pattern. Now, I hate to nag at things for the sake of pointing out something wrong but was it really that hard to come up with more than 3 bosses? Well, at least the final boss battle is good.

One complaint I do have about the game is difficulty. It stays quite moderate throughout, not counting how painful some of the red rings are to get. But once you get deeper into the game, the difficulty spikes up and quite literally knocks the lives out of you. Didn’t like how generous Sonic 4 was with lives? Well, you’re gonna miss that after playing Colours. Hidden pits and cheap deaths will leave you seeing the game over screen far more than once. It wouldn’t be so bad if the difficulty gradually increased, but it’s on the scale of moving from easy mode to professional mode.

Not counting the recently released Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Colours is the first major Sonic title to feature the new voice actors. Both Sonic and Tails have new voices and, well, you can judge for yourself. The new cast isn’t exactly bad, but I just can’t adjust to Sonic’s new voice. Even after spending a whole game with it, it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s because I’ve got the mindset that Sonic is Chris Redfield. On a brighter note, SEGA have kept up tradition and delivered another fantastic soundtrack. Apart from a few tracks (Sweet Sweet Mountain I’m looking at you), every song is extremely well done and fits into the game perfectly. Even the auto tuned opening song sounds great, once it grows on you that is.

Graphic wise, Sonic Colours looks very impressive. Kinda blurry when playing on an HD TV but it still looks really nice. SEGA obviously chose the outer space amusement park theme so they could get off with the level designs. I mean, where else are you going to find a zone where you have to avoid missiles which explode into jelly beans? Everything just looks so polished, it shines. Quite literally. They even managed to make good-looking grass! You don’t see that a lot in modern games.

Sonic Colours has indeed pushed Sonic ahead on the road back to his former glory. You can’t deny that he’s had a rough time the past few years, but he’s winning a spot in our hearts once again. While not as good as Sonic 4, Colours is very impressive for a 3D Sonic title. The Wii version has proven itself to be a hit, but what about the DS version? Come back in a few days for the verdict on the DS version of Sonic Colours!

Final Score – 8/10

Another great Wii title, and another enjoyable outing for Sonic. The wisp system works perfectly, and would be welcomed again in a future title. The difficulty spikes and repetitive stages don’t do the game much justice, but it doesn’t outweigh the positives. Definitely the best 3D Sonic game in years.


11 Responses to “Review – Sonic Colours (Wii)”

  1. Great Review, like i said the other day, as soon as this comes out on Xbox 360 i’ll instabuy it.

    • It’s Wii exclusive, unless said otherwise for now it won’t ever be released on the 360.

      • Pretty sure SEGA said themselves a while ago that they’re definately considering porting it to HD consoles. Heck, even the infamous Wentos said that SEGA will do it depending on sales, and Wentos is a reliable source.

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  3. His name is Dr. Eggman, not Dr. Robotnik.

    Do you still call Princess Peach Princess Toadstool?

    • I grew up calling him Robotnik and I will continue to do so. Deal with it

    • Re-reading what this comment originally was and I should really stop posting comments at stupid hours. Basically, what i’m trying to say is, a name is a name. As long as you can tell which character it is, the name doesn’t make a big impact. If the fact i’m using Robotnik over Eggman is making you dislike my review, then you really need to wisen up a bit.

    • Actually, his name is Doctor Ivo Robotnik, his nickname is Eggman. Either, or. Both are OK. Dont be an ass and just comment to say that.

  4. Hi there, can i understand that whether you know how do i subscibe your publication or get your daily updates? because i like your articles. thks

  5. Good point that I had never thought of before.

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