Kinect and Kinect Adventures Review

Come on girls, lets move those hips.

Kinect for Xbox 360.
Developer: Microsoft
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: Out Now

Yes, after months of waiting, Kinect has finally gone global. But is it worth your money?

Hit the Jump and Fire up the Quattro to find out.

The Kinect Hub:

Some of you may have noticed the Dashboard update not too long ago, this update was to allow in the plug in and play-ability of the new Kinect peripheral. But what does that add? Well the Kinect hub is a hell of a lot of fun to use, going from screen to screen with the whip of a hand feels fluid and Natural. Selecting different tiles is easy and is actually quite fun.

As Apple says about the iPad interface, its easy to use and is just fun to select things.

Selecting things by saying “Xbox” is normally unnecessary, selecting things with your hands is alot more enjoyable and you dont feel as much of a dick. In theory voice control sounds cool, but when you’re obnoxiously shouting “Xbox! Video Kinect!” at your TV, you tend to get shifty looks from your peers.

How well does it track your body?

Pretty damn well to be fair, your Avatar moves as you move, it tracks your arms, legs head and even down to wrist movements, it tracks it all. It does not track your fingers or the opening and closing of your fists, it assumes that your hands are fists all the time, it doesnt affect overall gameplay, but it would have been a nice touch.

Whats in the Box?

Kinect ships with the base Kinect unit and the pack in game Kinect Adventures which comes at no extra charge. A’la Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort that is bundled with the Nintendo Wii.

Whats in a Name?

As most of you will know, Kinect is not the original name that was given when the controller was announced at E3 2009. A lot of people grew very fond of the original name “Project Natal”. Personally i’ve become quite fond of Kinect, when it comes to renaming projects its definitely not the most stark transition. Like Revolution to Wii, for example. I also heard a rumor that signs saying “Natalimals” were seen at E3 2010. So how confident Microsoft were in the Kinect name is par for the course.

Final Comment on Kinect

My final comment on Kinect is basically a question you guys will ask, is it worth the £130 price-tag? In Short, Yes. Kinect is very much worth the money, a lot of people were wondering how well Kinect actually worked, whether it actually worked as advertised. So you can imagine how happy I felt when i set up Kinect and had it actually work how I imagined it would. Great job, Microsoft. Kinect is a sure-fire hit and will make a big splash this holiday season.

To give the Kinect hardware and Hub a score on our rating isn’t an easy task, Kinect is fun and fresh, works very well and has a ton of promise. The games may not be right there at the moment, but the hardware is.

I give the Kinect hardware an 8 out of 10.

Now, onto the second part of our review. Kinect Adventures.

Kinect Adventures
Developer: Good Science Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Release Date: Out Now

Kinect Adventures is yours, mine and everyone’s first Kinect game and does treat you as such. To Kinect Adventures you are an unfunctionable trogladyte who doesnt know his arse from his elbow. Which may be true in most cases, but it does bring everything down to a level in which anyone will understand. Make sure you dont twat your shin on the coffee table. Please don’t stand so close to the Kinect that you’ll bat it off the top of your TV if you get a stiffy, don’t sue us if you throw the controller at your new 46″ HDTV.

Kinect Adventures in short is a collection of 5 mini-games, each game having 3 fairly similar modes of play. You get a real Smörgåsbord of games. Such as Rallyball, Reflex Ridge, 20,000 leaks, Space Pop and River Rush. Timeless Classics.

Lets break it down y’all.


Rallyball is probably one of my favourite games in the Kinect Adventures package. Smack balls down a tunnel whilst aiming for targets, use your arms, legs, hands, feet, head, crotch and stomach to rebound the ball and keep the rally! Sounds fantastic right? Basically smack a ball towards a wall and get your body in the way when it bounces back.

Reflex Ridge

Reflex Ridge is actually quite a bit of fun as well. Your avatar stands on a platform which is projected along a rail, whilst going along you move left and right, duck and jump various obstacles, collecting “Adventure Tokens” along the way. One quip i do have with this is it can be hard to time your jumps correctly, there is a slight delay in movement but it doesn’t normally affect gameplay.

20,000 leaks

Basically, you have by some freak accident, landed up in a glass box underneath the ocean, doesn’t sound like a fun adventure to me. And oh snap, the fish outside the box keep cracking the glass the evil fuckers, so its your job to plug up the holes. Contort your body to plug leeks and cracks on the glass infront of you, to the side and with your feet on the floor. Now this game does sound like it should be fun, but its not. 20,000 leaks is tedious and its hard to try and intrinsically touch something in a 3D space when its not there.

Space Pop

Space Pop is Kinect Adventures’ butthole. The worst game of the collection, it controls terribly, its pointless and just not fun. The game is set in space, flap your arms to fly up, use them to steer left and right and lower them to drop, the goal is to collect crystal balls which are coming out at you from each and every direction, pointless and pretty pants.

River Rush

Probably the most famous minigame from Kinect Adventures, Yes its “that giant raft game” thats been shown at E3 for the past 2 years. Somehow the midichlorians are rife in you and you can now control A huge-ass life raft with the force. Move left and right to move the raft and jump to well, jump! Navigate your way down the water rapids trying to avoid the obstacles, which is not an easy feet. This game isnt too bad either, its in the middle. Between Rallyball and Space Pop.

In Closing, Kinect Adventures is exactly what it is on the tin, a small plethora of mini-games to help you get used to your new controller, it is a free pack in game so i cannot fault it on terms of value versus play. Kinect Adventure is a cool little toy to show off Kinect to your friends. I am hoping for alot more from the other, full retail games.

I give Kinect Adventures a 5 out of 10,

Not Good, Not Bad. Its in the middle.

The fact its a free title does help, if this was a retail game i don’t even think it would get a score.


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