Sonic The Hedgehog’s New Voice. Yay Or Nay?

I’ve been quite busy with stuff lately, so this slipped under my radar. We’ve finally been given a chance to hear Sonic’s new voice actor at work. From Chris Redfield to a blue hedgehog, how does Roger Craig Smith hold up? Have a look at this video, if you would;

Now, what do you think? Personally, I just can’t bring myself to like it. Tails’ voice is a big improvement but to me, Sonic just doesn’t sound the same. I can’t see myself getting used to this. So, I want to know. What do you guys think? Do you prefer this new voice? Did SEGA make a fatal mistake? Let us know in the comments below.


5 Responses to “Sonic The Hedgehog’s New Voice. Yay Or Nay?”

  1. Personally I prefer the previous voice for sonic. still i think people need to give this guy a chance. People just need to get used to sonic’s new voice.
    At first when I heard sonic was getting a new voice I was like ffs Sega what have you done but now that I heard his voice I
    am not dissapointed I mean his voice could’ve been alot worse. I still have faith no matter what sega does, sonic will be sonic~
    As for tails’s new voice its perfect :)

  2. […] major Sonic title to feature the new voice actors. Both Sonic and Tails have new voices and, well, you can judge for yourself. The new cast isn’t exactly bad, but I just can’t adjust to Sonic’s new voice. […]

  3. the new voice of sonic is terrible and if that voice is not changed that voice back to jason voice I will never buy another sonic game in my life again and that voice sounds like a actor who cares for himself

  4. Luke StJohn Says:

    Kill It Now!!! It’s worse than Amy Rose!!!!
    OLD VOICE OLD VOICE OLD VOICE OLD VOICE OLD VOICE We needs it so our brains don’t melt

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, i think after all this time…Its good! Really good! I grew up with the new sonic and heard the voice acting and even when i was little i thought it was horrible! I got my little cousin who loves sonic to listen to the voices and compare. He liked the new sonic better! Not to mention sonic is 15, 16 years old. so it only makes sence for him to sound like this!

    But That is me and my cousins opinion. I like this voice and I cant wait to hear more from him!

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