Preview – Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

It’s the game all fighting fans have been waiting for, myself included. It’s just too bad that we were given the Comic-Con build to play, so it was quite unbalanced. Regardless, it’s quite enjoyable. I’ll get into the juicy details so hit the jump for the full preview on Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds!

As you would expect, I had a hell of a wait to get a small hands on with MvC 3. I got to play against a random person but I guess it was good enough. As I mentioned, it was the Comic-Con build that was present, so no Wesker, Arthur or Spider-Man. Upset with not getting to play my team, I just went with Dante, Deadpool and … wait for it … Ryu. Well I needed at least one character I know how to use.

Dante, over used. Pretty much everybody there was using Dante on their team and I can see why. His moves hit fast and hard, with quite a lot of range. His moveset is absolutely huge so you can just mash buttons and he’ll do a special move you didn’t know about. Dante’s attacks focused a lot on him using his sword, which explains his good reach I suppose. For such a heavy character, he sure moves fast. Some of the combos people were pulling off was insane!

I’m sorry Deadpool fans but I just couldn’t use Deadpool at all. I tried quarter circle commands, charges and rotations. Nothing worked! I managed to get Deadpool to toss a grenade but that was about it. No specials, no combos and certainly no Pineapple. His level 1 super did quite good in the damage apartment though. I just went in guns blazing, literally.

Do I really need to type anything about Ryu? Everybody knows how he plays. Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken, Shoryuken. Occasional Tatsumaki Sempyukaku. Unfortunately, I lost my first game of MvC 3 but then again, I was playing on a pad. That’s my legit john right there folks.

I must say, the game felt really sluggish. It’s not that I wasn’t used to the game physics, it just felt kind of heavy. A bit unresponsive too. But I have faith in Capcom so I know the game physics will be perfect when the final version comes out. First opinion isn’t too good but I’ve still got hopes for the game. I mean come on, Arthur is in it!

Overhyped? Yes. A bad game? No. Not much point in a preview since it was an earlier build but it was an experience none the less. Stick to MvC 2 for now folks, still a while left to go.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is expected to hit Europe in Q1 of 2011


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