Preview – Mario Sports Mix

Woohoo! Another Mario sports game! Casual gamer cash in like the rest of them? Yes. But get this, it’s fun! They only let me have a shot of one game but it was pretty good. Not really sure why I’m making this an article since there’s not much to discuss. Hit the jump anyway for the full preview of Mario Sports Mix!

As the title suggests, Mario Sports Mix is a mixture of different sports. Think Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games but without 70% of the games … or any Sonic characters. I only got to play basketball, unfortunately. Kinda upset since I wanted to play the other games before deciding how I like the game but alas I did not. But anyway, basketball!

The basketball mode consists of two teams of two. Scattered on the floor are “? blocks” which will either add coins to the counter or give you an item. If you score a point, the coins are added to your score, giving you a bonus. For example, if you get 1 point and you have 4 coins, you’ll end up with 5 points. I honestly couldn’t figure out how to use the items but the CPU sure did.

You can do the basic stuff such as intercepting the ball and passing it to your partner, but it does get interesting. During the match, no idea what triggers this, your special meter fills up. Once it’s full, your character will perform a special move to slam dunk the ball in the net, racking up some major points. It’s flashy, I’ll give it that.

I’m still not sure what to make of Mario Sports Mix. There’s still quite a while before the game comes out and I really do wish I got to play it for a bit longer. Well, I’ve had my say. I guess if you’re a Mario fan then you’ll lap it up anyway.

Hard to form an opinion from only playing a little of the game but what I got to try was fun. It’ll be fun for the family, but not so much the core Nintendo fans.

Mario Sports Mix is expected to arrive in Europe sometime in 2011


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  1. […] to get your hands on Mario Sports Mix on the 4th February 2011. I got the chance to have a little hands-on with the game last month and might I say, I was impressed. Will you be picking up Mario Sports Mix, […]

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