Preview – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

While the game is actually out in America, it hasn’t yet hit European shores. As with every other Kirby title, we’re having to wait almost half a year. Stupid isn’t it? Either way, my hands on with Epic Yarn can only be described as magical. Don’t let people tell you the game is easy. Underneath that cute and cuddly visual style is an unforgiving layer of traps out to steal your gems. Hit the jump for the full preview on Kirby’s Epic Yarn!

It goes without saying but Epic Yarn is cute. Adorable even. It’s a fantastic visual style which gives the game a warm and lighthearted feeling … only for it to switch polar opposites and kick your ass left and right with strict platforming and timing. Sure, there’s no life system, but you’ll still find yourself struggling through some of the levels. Instead of health, you lose your treasures when hit. Kind of like Sonic and rings but without the dying.

I got to try two levels this weekend. A boss fight, and a cavern level on co-op. The boss fight was fun. I wouldn’t say it was challenging but I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. The boss I went against was a huge dragon which flew about and spat out fire. Every now and then it would stick out its tongue which you then grab and hurl back at him. Upon defeating the dragon, I was rewarded with the famous Kirby dance. I’ll never get sick of that dance and jingle.

The full level I played in co-op (with that non ABG staff member friend) was an underground cavern filled with ice and treasure. In various places there were tiny holes where Kirby and the blue guy whose name escapes me can turn into a single thread of yarn and slide through. It’s magnificent the first time you see it. The transformations are so fun to look at. Kirby turns into a car, a submarine, an umbrella, and even more! There was even a digging section which reminded me a lot of the mole power up from the SNES game Yoshi’s Island.

Co-Op can make things both easier and harder. For us, it was a bit of both. Half way through the level there was a tricky section where we had to jump on the top of icicles as they hit the ground before they disappear. We spent roughly ten minutes jumping onto platforms and getting knocked back down by the falling ice. Who ever said you need lives to make a game challenging?

I couldn’t hear much to judge the soundtrack, so that will have to wait until the full game is out here. Epic Yarn is one impressive title, and a nice change for Kirby. I honestly can’t see why people say this game is easy. It just goes to show, you should never judge a game by its art style.

It’s fun, challenging and visually appealing. I can only imagine what the full game has in store for us all. It doesn’t suck (pun intended) but it’s not the best game either. I’d imagine the art style is putting a lot of people off.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is expected to hit Europe in Q1 of 2011


One Response to “Preview – Kirby’s Epic Yarn”

  1. I know which game I’m getting next. First main console Kirby title since 64? Aw yeah.

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