Preview – Epic Mickey

It’s still quite shocking that Mickey Mouse is starring in a whole new game. What’s even more shocking is the setting of it. Back when we got the first details of Epic Mickey, we were promised platforming and a good & evil system. Of course, that system was scrapped and the game was changed to resemble the preview art more. Hit the jump for the preview on the latest build of Epic Mickey!

The line for Epic Mickey was quite big, so I only got to have about 5 minutes with it. But that was enough for me to get an idea of what the game has to offer. If I’m honest, it reminds me of the Super Mario Galaxy series, in a way. The platforming and the fact Mickey has a spin attack controlled by shaking the wii remote gives me that feeling like I’ve seen this somewhere before. I’m not comparing the two games, but the similarities are there.

Of what I played, I got to go in combat with enemies, do a couple of puzzles and see a few cutscenes. Mickey can use paint and thinner as weapons, each with different results. Painting a foe will turn them friendly, where as spraying them with thinner dissolves them. I got to use paint and thinner on objects  scattered around the area, making platforms appear and destroying obstacles. It’s really, really fun.

The puzzles weren’t anything too mind boggling, just a case of spinning gears to open the exit. Hoping we get some good puzzles in the final build, it was a bit too easy for my liking. The cutscenes are done in an artsy comic style with scripted speech. No voice acting but you get the occasional grunt and sound effect from Mickey. I got a chuckle from some of the lines, so it’s well looked after in the gag department.

I wish I could have had more time to play Epic Mickey since, as you can see, I haven’t written much. The game is out very soon so I’ll just be patient and wait. It’s not going to be anything ground breaking but definitely worth checking out. Really excited to check out the rest of this gridmark Disney world.

It’s an interesting change to see Mickey Mouse in such a setting. The paint and thinner system works well and the game looks great. Kind of needs more Donald if you ask me.

Epic Mickey will be hitting Europe on November 25th for the Nintendo Wii.


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