Preview – Dead Space 2

I had to wait around 20 minutes just to get a shot of this game. Dead Space 2 was wildly popular at the MCM expo and I can certainly see why. I do have a few complaints but you can find out what they are soon. Before you read the preview, I recommend you buy Dead Space when you get a chance. If you have bought it already, you’re a good person. Now, hit the jump for my preview of Dead Space 2!

As soon as the demo booted up, I was placed in charge of controlling my old friend Isaac. Unfortunately, the stupid people at EA never gave us any way to check the controls so most people, myself included, were left wondering what the hell to do. It didn’t help that I’m used to the 360 pad for Dead Space. Regardless, it still controls very well!

I was in a familiar setting. A quiet and empty room with only Isaac’s footsteps echoing through the halls. As I stepped forward, a  few gas pipes burst open. If the expo hall wasn’t so loud I’d have jumped. Just after this  hallway I encountered my first Necromorph and oh my god he’s spitting acid on me. OH WHAT HE JUMPED ON ME OH GOD OH GOD MASHING X. My blood was pumping, I was on edge, I was somewhat nervous. This is the exact feeling I had with the first game and I’m glad that it’s coming back.

At that exact time, poor Isaac was ripped to pieces and I had to start the demo again. I caught him this time though! I tried out one of the new weapons and it was awesome. I’m not sure of the name, but it fires a bolt which pierces the Necromorph and pins them to the walls. My victory was short-lived as I walked over a pile of dead bodies and a Necromorph sprung to live. Pretty sure everybody watching laughed as I jumped in fear.

I got about half way through the demo before giving up in frustration. After messing about for ages trying to figure out controls for a puzzle, I finally got it done. I activated Zero-G but guess what? There was no way for me to know how to start floating! It was a few minutes later when I was told by the staff that I have to click the analogue stick. Yeah, thanks guys. How about you tell me that at the start? Controls for Zero-G are quite strange. You can never tell if you’re going forward or not. I was holding forward, assuming I was safe, until suddenly Isaac found himself cut in two from a nearby rotating fan. Lovely.

I didn’t want to have to sit through the painfully annoying puzzle again so I just gave up. I know it’s childish but it’s hard when you don’t know how the game works. I’d blame the PS3 pad but I don’t want to seem bias. It’s never a good thing. Dead Space 2 is a great game, and is going to be one of the top titles of 2011. At least next time I play it I’ll be in the comfort of my own home with an instruction manual to tell me how to play the damn thing.

An impressive show of scare tactics and gruesome gore. Takes everything that made the first game great and makes it better. If you have to buy one game in January, this should be it.

Dead Space 2 will arrive in Europe on January 28th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


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