MCM Expo This Weekend. Are You Ready?

Once again the London MCM Expo is here, and this time it’ll be here for three days, from 29th October to the 31st! The forever growing Expo is considered by many the UK’s closest alternative to America’s Comic-Con, and there’s good reason for this! With new and unreleased games playable, as well as hundreds of cosplayers and some Hollywood Actors and Voice Actors, the MCM Expo really is London’s Comic-Con. We’ve got all your London Expo games information you’ll need right here, as well as general information for surviving during the day, so for your ultimate guide, hit the jump!


So let’s start off by looking at what games are going to be on show. This time around the expo has over 30 games on offer, many of which are unreleased and we won’t be able to buy until next year! Nintendo will be showcasing many games from their strong E3 line up, including Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Epic Mickey, Goldeneye 007, and Mario Sports Mix. None of which are out yet, and Kirby and Mario Sports Mix aren’t going to be out over here until 2011, making MCM a great opportunity to get your hands on them! Also attending are Namco Bandai, who have many games to show, including Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Enslaved, Despicable Me, and many unreleased games such as Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Dragonball Raging Blast 2, Pacman Party, and the game everyone has been waiting for, Hello Kitty!

These two massive line ups might be enough for one person, but there is so much more on show by big developers! EA will be showing off Medal of Honour, and the upcoming Dead Space 2, which isn’t out until next year. Capcom will have Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, as well as Marvel vs Capcom 3 playable, which for many fans will be the first chance to give the game a try before it comes next year! Ubisoft will have Assasins Creed Brotherhood on show, and Sony will have Gran Turismo 5. Tecmo Koei will have upcoming games Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, Warriors: Legends of Troy, and Two Worlds II for you to play, and this is only some of what’s on offer! Other games which will be playable include Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Super Scribblenauts from Warner Bros. Games, Bladekitten, Ongaku, Vanquish, Explodemon, Guitar Hero, and Ivy the Kiwi?.

Also playable will be the sequel to Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, Blazblue: Continuum Shift, which was recently delayed, making MCM the first place for many to try it out. What’s more though, is that Kyle ‘Kyzertron’ Dixon, one of the UK’s top BlazBlue players, will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the most recorded wins in a single hour. This will be taking place at the blazblue stand between 1pm and 2pm on the saturday, and you can register to be a part of this by emailing! There will also be a Blazblue tournament, where players can bring along their fightsticks and compete to be the best, and on the sunday some official Blazblue model cosplayers will be there for you to take pictures. Also, prizes will be given to those in Blazblue cosplay, so if you do cosplay, a blazblue costume might just be worth it!


For some, expo can be tough. Hundreds of sweaty video game, anime and manga fans gathered in one large hall can take a toll, so here’s some tips on how to make sure you make it through the day (or weekend!) alive.

  • Take water – With all the shouting, pushing through crowds, and generally being on your feet most of the day, dehydration is one of the largest problems you’ll face, so take a bottle of water or two to ensure you’re fit as a fiddle all day long.
  • Wear layered, light clothing – The London weather often isn’t very great, so you’ll want to wrap up warm for travel, however once you’re at the expo you’re going to get hot quickly, so something you can easily take off and carry around would be best. For example a zip up hoodie rather than thick woolly jumper.
  • Don’t Stink – If you’re going to sweat and get smelly, then take some deodorant. Nobody want’s to smell your armpit juices.
  • Bring food – Whilst the ExCel center is generally well equipped with lots of places to eat, vending machines, and a couple of cash machines, generally the ExCel center is overpriced, so to avoid losing out on money which could be spent on merchandise, bring your own food.
  • Take a Camera – Taking photos and videos is great, as you can look back at your memories in the way you saw them, rather than looking through youtube videos to see if you can find anything you remember happening, and it means you can show your friends how your day went!
  • Bring essentials – Including as much money as possible for travel (could be more than you think), merchandise and games (unless you want to limit yourself), a portfolio if you’re interested in showing off your artwork to some of the greats in the industry, and medicine if you’re going to need it.
  • Pick up a Guidebook – These are given out as you enter, but if you miss it you can pick one up from the help desk. these are very helpful as they contain a map of the booths, stage times, and also because they act as a nice keepsake of that particular expo. The Guidebook is also published online beforehand, so if you want to give it a read, click here.
  • Be prepared to queue – Whether you’ve booked early entrance tickets or you’re planning on buying you’re ticket on the day, chances are you WILL have to queue. Sometimes for as much as two hours, so just be warned that you might want to bring something along to entertain yourself while you wait. Also be prepared for free hugs signs, rabid teenage fangirls, and some generally rude people who might push you out of the way because they think they’re the greatest person in that hall.

Wrap Up

The MCM expo is a great opportunity to play some of the best upcoming games, and to generally talk to fans of the stuff you like. So if you’re into Anime/Manga/Video Games I’d definitely recommend you give it a visit. The Expo is held at the ExCel center in London this weekend. For more information including travel, check out the London Expo website. See you there!


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