Resident Evil: Revelations is looking promising

As a huge fan of Capcom’s 2009 title; Resident Evil 5, and subsequent additions to the long running franchise, I must admit I was concerned that the newest instalment would be hitting Nintendo’s 3DS.
I was afraid the game would not control as well as the console titles that came before it.
After this video hit the web today, my fears were thankfully put at ease.

The controls are displayed in Japanese on the lower screen in this tech demo. As I have little to no understanding of the language, I cannot tell which action corresponds to which action. From what I gather, you use the Right Shoulder Button to aim, at which point, you are thrown into first person perspective, ala Dead Aim. The Left Shoulder Button will be used to fire, and ‘Y‘ will be used as your ‘Action Button‘.

Not a lot of gameplay was shown, but what was available has me very excited. The one thing I wish Capcom would implement, is an option to keep the game a fully third person experience.


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