SSFIV Costumes Update And AE DLC?

If you wish to play SSFIV on or after October 26th, both Playstation 3 and 360 owners will be greeted with a mandatory update, making future costume packs compatible.
The update will be a large one, so make sure you have something ready to entertain yourself while the patch is applied.
Also, Yoshinori Ono teases us with SSFIV Arcade Edition’s extra’s.

If you have not downloaded a costume that an opponent is using, a short message will appear before a match telling you so, and the default costume will be displayed. The same applies for watching replays.

A free ”Catalogue” item will be made available for 360 owners and will be divided into two sets; The first on October 26th containing ”Challengers Pack 1, Shoryuken Pack, and Beauty Pack”. The second will be released on December 21st and will include the remaining four packs. No word as of yet for a PS3 ”Catalogue” item.

Finally, you may remember a recent post stating SSFIV:Arcade Edition’s extra’s were declined for DLC.
Some development on the matter has been made.
Yoshinori posted this image on Twitter, and was especially focused on how happy Capcom’s President was after a recent conference with the pair.

When fans asked if the Arcade Edition’s extras have been approved, Ono simply re-directed them to the image once more.
If the DLC has been approved, don’t expect it to be released this year as ”we need development time”.

I for one, will take that as confirmation.



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