Prince of Persia Trilogy Announced: Europe Exclusive

It’s been a slow week for us here on ABG but we’ve finally got some new news, and boy is it one hell of a shocker. Despite being leaked a while ago, Ubisoft have officially announced the Prince of Persia Trilogy for the PS3. In the same fashion as the God of War collection, the PoP trilogy will be remastered in HD, but will also include the option of playing in 3D. If you have a 3D tv then this will be perfect for you! But that’s not where the news ends.

Prince of Persia Trilogy will be released on the 19th November … but only in Europe. Yes, yes, I can hear everyone from the US crying too. It might just be me but damn it feels good to get an exclusive game. Now the US will know how we feel when we don’t get a lot of their games!

To summarise; Prince of Persia trilogy will be available in Europe from the 19th November for £29.99. Not a bad deal for 3 fantastic games.



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