Super Mario Bros. Anniversary DSi. Oh Jesus.

It seems the big guys birthday bash is still in full swing as Nintendo announce an absolutely stunning, Special Edition Super Mario Anniversary DSi.

Oh my.

Personally, i am an absolute sucker for special edition consoles, there has always been an air of exclusivity which i find almost mouth watering.

Following in a very wide trend of special edition Nintendo handhelds, this will be Japan only and can infact, only be purchased in the Japanese branch of retailer “7-Eleven”.

The DSi LL is also getting a dash of Nintendo wizardry with its own Anniversary Edition, which features a different design.

This falls in line with other products Nintendo have created for the celebration, Such as the Super Mario Anniversary Collection Pack, a Wii Disc which contains “Super Mario All-Stars”. It will also include a soundtrack and some very rare Super Mario concept drawings from the desk of Miyamoto himself!

So Nintendo presents us and at the same time teases us with a bumper set of special editions, the melancholy fact is, we will not be seeing this on our shores anytime soon.



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