New Scott Pilgrim DLC On Its Way

It was only a matter of time until we found out what that last character slot was for. Ubisoft has announced plans to release DLC for the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN title Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game in November to tie in with the movie’s DVD & Blu-Ray release. The DLC, which will retail for $2/160MSP, will include Knives Chau as a playable character, and two new modes. A battle arena mode, which makes use of items, and a dodgeball mode.

As well as DLC, Ubisoft are releasing a patch to fix up the several bugs and glitches in the game. The difficulty levels will be balanced and a drop in/drop out system will be added for offline co-op. Ubisoft stated that they do not have plans to release online co-op for Scott Pilgrim, nor do they plan any more DLC. Disappointing? I’d say so.



One Response to “New Scott Pilgrim DLC On Its Way”

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