MegaMan Legends 3 Project

It sure has been a busy day for Nintendo news. However, it’s not only Nintendo that has been spilling the beans on their latest projects. Capcom has today announced the latest entry to fan favourite series; MegaMan Legends for the 3DS..

Very little is known about the game, however Capcom promises a lot of fan input.

Mega Man Legends 3 Project has just been announced at the Nintendo Conference 2010 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS! While we can’t get into too many details, we can say that fans will have an opportunity to be part of the development process like never before as they interact directly with the team! How exactly? You’ll have to stay tuned for more news at New York Comic Con!

It looks as though you will have to wait until next Friday for more news.



One Response to “MegaMan Legends 3 Project”

  1. idrawrobots Says:

    I am excited to see more about this. Sadly I never got to play Legends.

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