3DS Blowout!

Oh man, were do we start? Nintendo’s conference has blown us away, revealing some very exciting news! Is your body ready? Hit the jump for the scoop!

  • The 3DS design has changed slightly. The slidepad is now white
  • A new Mario title and a new Donkey Kong title were shown. No further information has been given
  • Mii function for 3DS confirmed. You can take a photo of someone’s  face and the 3DS will automatically create a Mii
  • Putting the 3DS in the charging cradle increases download speeds … somehow
  • Tag mode will be used for titles such as Super Street Fighter IV and LovePlus.
  • The 3DS has a feature where you can combine two images. It’s like photoshop but not as good
  • A virtual console service for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games is confirmed. They will work in 3D
  • 3DS comes bundled with a 2gb SD card
  • Release date in Japan is February 26th 2011 and will retail for 25000 yen
  • March release for Europe and the US
  • 3DS launch colours will be Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black
  • Capcom are releasing Resident Evil: Mercenaries and Megaman Legends 3 for 3DS

And that’s it folks! Better start saving those pennies


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