Sonic 4 – Release Date, Official Pricing Confirmed

It may have been delayed but Sonic 4: Episode 1 may be closer than you think! Today, SEGA officially announced the release dates for Sonic 4 on its respective platforms. Below are the release dates, and their confirmed pricing.

  • iPhone – October 7th – N/A
  • Wiiware – October 11th (US) October 15th (EU) – 1,500 Points
  • PSN – October 12th (US) October 13th (EU) – $14.99/£9.99
  • XBLA – October 13th – 1,200 MSP

Mark your calendars and ready your wallets people. Sonic is blasting back!



One Response to “Sonic 4 – Release Date, Official Pricing Confirmed”

  1. […] and collecting rings like back in the day. So, what makes this version so different from the console versions coming next week? The iPod Touch/ iPhone version has two iOS specific levels, making use of the accelerometer, which […]

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