Texting Of The Bread Review

Texting Of The Bread
iPod Touch/ iPhone
ScrewAttack LLC
£1.19/ $1.99

ScrewAttack has just released their take on SEGA’s classic; Typing of the Dead, a fast paced title, packed with a ton of content.

On the title screen, you are given a few different modes; Arcade, Survival, and Freeplay, all your standard affair for this, and similar genres. Arcade mode pits you against every wave in the game, taking your lives remaining into consideration when rendering final score.
Sirvival does exactly what it says on the tin; see how long you can survive, with an increasing difficulty level.
Finally, Freeplay allows you to play through the game with no final score.

Every so often, you will encounter minibosses, with around five words required to take down, and eventually, fully fledged bosses with over ten. These can get rather hectic, especially when you have to type away other enemies before you can start on the big guys.

The story isn’t much to write home about, but with a game this simple and entertaining, who cares?
Half of the game screen is covered by the keypad, with the other used as your source of words.
As Gingerbread men crawl, fall, and run onto the screen, you must type the words above them to shoot, and upon completing the word. Upon completing the word, the gingerbread man will die, allowing you to move on to the next.

The game’s library isn’t particularly extensive, but are relevant to ScrewAttack and the internet in general. Words like ”omgwtfbbq”, and ”lololololololololololol” appear, among words used in every day conversation. Occasionally, many words will appear, forming a sentence, and often is easier to read it all before typing them out, rather than constantly referring to the upper section of the screen for the next.

ScrewAttack’s Corey voices the heroine, a commendable performance, yet slightly repetitive, as very little variety is offered. ”This game is awesome!” and ”What sort of oven did you crawl out of?”, are at first humorous, however, hearing them round after round, can get a little annoying.

The game also features ”Achievements” which serve as no real purpose, but the ability to post said ”Achievements” to FaceBook is something found in many recent Apps, and a welcome addition. These ”Achievements” range from beating your first boss, to typing a set amount of letters without mistakes.

At the end of the day, Texting Of The Bread is a neat little title packed with content, and a great way to pass the time, and for the very minimal price tag, isn’t asking for much.


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