Sonic Colours – EU Special Edition Confirmed

I was waiting until we got official confirmation before posting this but now we’ve  got it! Earlier this week, special editions for Sonic Colours were listed online, one for Wii and DS respectively. The special edition comes with a figure of Sonic and the wisps, who are the new characters debuting in Colours. The Wii and DS special editions will feature different coloured wisps. Personally, I’m not sure if I’m going to pick this up. The joints on the Sonic figure quite frankly scare me. We’ll update the article if the image for the DS special edition surfaces.


2 Responses to “Sonic Colours – EU Special Edition Confirmed”

  1. Seriously, those joints are going to give me nightmares

  2. I might look into this. Sure, the joints are horrific, but I’m a sucker for figures.
    Not to mention the game’s shaping up nicely.

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