Megaman Legends Sequal May Be Happening

A mysterious source only known as The Shadow has revealed that Capcom are currently developing a sequal to the Megaman Legends series, which featured on the original Playstation and Nintendo 64. According to The Shadow, Capcom are being very tight on information about the game, and will most likely be announced after Megaman Universe settles in. The Shadow has leaked information before, such as Megaman 9 before it was officially announced by Capcom. We shall see if he pulls through again.

Megaman Legends 3? I certainly hope so. Don’t get too excited though folks, this isn’t the first time we’ve been let down. With all the teasing from Mr.Inafune and Hideki Kamiya about the Legends series, it is quite possible that the series is making a comeback. I guess that explains why Megaman Volnutt was in Tatsu vs Capcom.



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