Resident Evil Gold Edition – Review

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Survival Horror/ Action Adventure
Release Date: Out Now

Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition has been out for some time now, but with copies scarce, my plans of reviewing it had ground to a halt. The word ”Epic” has been tossed around a lot in years of late, but deemed appropriate for it to be attached to this title.

Taking place a few years after Resident Evil 4, this instalment follows fan favourite Chris Redfield, working with BSAA member; Sheva Alomar.

The game launches players in at the deep end with not much of a tutorial. Luckily, the game’s simple controls work wonders. Simply holding the R2 trigger readies your weapon, Pressing  L2 will fire a shot. You’ll be popping off the infected left, right and centre. Those who played Capcom’s 2005 hit; Resident Evil 4, will feel right at home here.
The games’ luscious environments are nothing less than jaw-dropping. From small villages and wastelands, to underground facilities and vessels, this title has it all. Staring at the pretty views will end in pain, unfortunately, as something evil is afoot. Could it be Umbrella‘s uprising, or does something more sinister lurk beneath African soil? These questions, and more await you in the latest instalment of Resident Evil.

Both you and a friend can either play together via local multiplayer, or over Sony’s online system; PlayStation Network. Either way, the campaign will have each of you shouting at the screen, crawling through the games’ sixteen chapters.
Even after beating the game, you may have the urge to play through once more. This is highly rewarded, as you can once again upgrade your weapons. These upgraded weapons can then be used on subsequent play-through’s, and grant unlimited ammunition.
As you may have already guessed, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is a re-release of the original RE5 released just last year. So, what’s new?

Capcom has bundled in all of the downloadable content free of charge. This includes two extra chapters, taking place both before, and during the main story.
The first; Lost in Nightmares, takes both Chris and Jill back to the Spencer mansion. Sadly, though, no zombies are included.
The second; Desperate Escape is one big spoiler, so I shan’t give too much away. But know that it is a more action packed, and slightly more difficult than the one mentioned prior.
Another addition is the multiplayer mode, also made available via the PlayStation Store, again, of no extra cost. The final piece bundled in is the two alternate costumes for both Chris and Sheva.
Effectively saving yourself over a tenner!

This release is also fully compatible with Sony’s motion controller; PlayStation Move. I have yet to experience this, though many have reported the addition of Move to be rather lacklustre. It may be fun to give it a go if you have the kit lying around.

In conclusion; if you have ever played a Resident Evil title in the past, or have been a bystander, curious of what the games have to offer, be sure to pick this version up, as it is the definitive release.


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