Sonic 4 – New Updates

So many Sonic related articles lately! Oh well. SEGA have recently updated their US blog with some new Sonic 4 information. Zone Advancement is the first new piece of information. Instead of selecting every act from a menu, you can now advance to the next level instantly, just like the old Megadrive games. Second is the introduction of the map system. The menu select is gone, and has been replaced with a new map screen which displays the zones featured in Episode 1. I’d imagine it will be similar to the map system of Sonic Rush. The final update for today is the end of level style. In the build we’ve seen, Sonic hits an invisible wall after reaching the goal sign. SEGA have removed this invisible wall, so you can speed past it like the original games.

I’m impressed, I really am. SEGA are doing everything to make sure Sonic 4 is a fantastic experience and it looks like it will be!



One Response to “Sonic 4 – New Updates”

  1. Boo, Map system. I prefer level select.

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