Sequels! Dissidia 2 and Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced!

Now this was a nice surprise to wake up to! Some new scans from Famitsu are showing off Dissidia 2 and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 reveals! New to Dissidia’s roster, FFXIII’s Lightning has been announced as playable, which would be cool if Lightning was Sazh, but she’s not, so Dissidia may be Sazhless. (Insert sadface here).

Also announced was ACe Attorney Investigations 2. I don’t know much about that except that it’s still about FABULOUS Edgeworth. Hit the jump for that scan.


2 Responses to “Sequels! Dissidia 2 and Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced!”

  1. Ooh, Dissidia Final Fantasy 2. I loved the first one.

    I’ve never played 13, but I see now they’re putting Kain in there too. So maybe they’ll have more side characters in now. That’ll be awesome.

    It’d be so cool to get to play as Leon from 2, or Edge from 4, or Auron from 10, or Vincent from 7. Lol, the various Cids throughout the franchise. Seymore would probably be really fun to play as. I wonder if Zande would make it, since he’s really the main villain of 3.

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