Yoshinori Ono strikes again – Update

Last night, Producer Yoshinori Ono of Capcom, gave us fans a taste of what’s to come in Super Street fighter IV Arcade, via Twitter.
Firstly, telling a fan that he will let the Battle Director know to make Poison good-looking.

Another fan mentioned he was soon to be married, and adding Poison to the roster would make for a great Wedding gift, to which he replied;
”You have my blessing. ;D”

The updates continued throughout the session, with multiple teases in reply to his followers’ questions;
”To Director — I want R. Mika too. Umm, please bring her back! ;P”
He also mentioned he will try to have these extras added to home console versions via Downloadable Content;
”I’ll be try it (DLC) on your demand.”

One final mentionable update revealed more costumes for select characters, showing a concept for Fei Long.

What news will come next from Yoshinori? Only time will tell.



New images of more characters’ alternate costumes have been released, and will be available in the latter quarter of this year, according to EventHubs:


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