Possible Valkyria Chronicles 3 site

Valkyria Chronicles, one of my favourite PS3 exclusives. It’s fun, exciting, tactical, beautiful, and may soon become a trilogy.

Code 1935.jp leads me to believe SEGA is working on the third instalment of the Sony exclusive franchise. The image takes several elements from the series, and crams them all into one. Firstly, the URL mentions the year 1935, the year the first in the series is set.

Next, we have the silhouettes of both men and women, each carrying differing weapons, similar to the class system found in the first two Valkyria Chronicles games. Looking closer, a few members look like they’re holding a mortar, a weapon used by the Lancer class in both the original, and the PSP sequel.
The sky also looks to retain the gorgeous art style of the subsequent games in the series.

One last thing that caught my eye, was the words ”Top Secret” at the top left of the screen, and the lines surrounding it. These lines look similar to those on the flag of Gallia, a country in the game.

”Not to be opened till 9.16”. The date mentioned on the site just so happens to be the date the Tokyo Game Show opens it’s doors.
The one thing that knocks my certainty, is that Valkyria Chronicles 2 has yet to be released in the UK.



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