MegaMan Universe gameplay

Being a huge MegaMan fan, imagine my surprise when I saw the trailer for MegaMan Universe. The pure shock, confusion, and excitement plastered across my face. I read on Kotaku that Capcom will be bringing MegaMan Universe to PAX 2010.
After browsing YouTube for the trailer, I descovered one simply shocking video.
The gameplay video Capcom was going to reveal this weekend.

I think I may have to give the style some time to grow on me, as it looks quite odd to me. And the variant video’s found here don’t appeal to me as much as they probably should.

I am still excited about this new title from Keiji Inafune and the gang, but I am afraid the different styles of MegaMan you will take control of may simply be pallet swaps.


2 Responses to “MegaMan Universe gameplay”

  1. I’m sorry to say, but the more and more I hear about this, the less and less I am excited. How will the online part be like?

    Yes, I agree that the new style will need time to adjust to.

    But hey, can’t judge just on looks. Still looking forward to the final product.

  2. I read somewhere that one of the main online functionalities will be level creation, and sharing said levels with friends.

    I did not add that into the post, as it wasn’t, and still has not been set in stone.

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