Updated 360 controller.

Major Nelson’s Blog has caught my eye once more with an update for the 360 controllers.

I am not a fan of playing with the disc like D-Pad of Microsoft’s controller. Thankfully, engineers at the company have acknowledged this issue and has since gone ”Back into the laboratory” to resolve the niggle.
By twisting the D-Pad, it becomes more like the pad found on a PS3 controller. Fans of the original design need not worry, as, with a simple twist, you have the default pad.

The video below delves into the other features of the controller, mainly the new monochrome scheme, and slightly touching upon the altered analogue sticks.

The controller will only be made available in the ”Play and Charge Kit”, releasing on November 9th in the USA for $64.99. Information is scarce on the UK’s release, other than the mention of February 2011.



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