Sonic Colours To Feature Multiplayer?

Now this is interesting! On the japanese Amazon page for Sonic Colours, this screenshot is found. As you can see, it hints a 2 player mode. It could be co-op play, it could be a racing mode. Who knows? Although the question arises, why a red Sonic? Is this a placeholder character frame for when they finalize the game? I would think Tails or even Knuckles would be better suited than a pallet swap. Then again, the game is called Sonic Colours. I must say, I am very intrigued by this.



2 Responses to “Sonic Colours To Feature Multiplayer?”

  1. My first thought, when I saw this image was for a Ghost character to see if you can beat your times. After noticing the two bars running along the bottom of the screen, I don’t see any other explanation for the second Sonic.

  2. Yeah, this is most likely co-op. See the timer and score in the middle? The two Sonics don’t each have their own score and times, which means they’re sharing one. It seems that co-op is the best explanation.

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