Demo Impressions – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (360)

At last! The demo for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has hit europe! Being an anime tie-in, expectations aren’t too high but is the demo good? Does it blend perfectly with the anime like Namco Bandai said it would? Did the Storm series make the transition to the Xbox 360 well? Hit the jump below to read the verdict … or download the demo yourself.

As mentioned above, the original Ultimate Ninja Storm was a PS3 exclusive. This time, however, the game has went multi platform. After Rise of a Ninja/Broken Bond, the two consoles are finally sharing a Naruto game. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, which the title obviously points out, is based on the Shippuden part of the series. Followers of the anime and manga should all be familiar with this, and will feel right at home with this demo. The demo consists of one boss fight against Kakashi, in which you play as Naruto, with Sakura as your assist character.

Controls are good, very easy to use. A to jump, B to use melee attacks, X to throw shuriken and Y+A/B/X to use up chakra. The d-pad is used to activate items that can help you if you’re having a tough time. It plays very familiar to the first game but it feels more balanced out. Much easier to keep control of what you’re doing.

The boss fight consists of roughly 3 sections. It started me out with a normal 1 on 1 fight against Kakashi. This helped get me familiar with the controls and special moves. A couple combos and rasengan’s later and I was thrown into a quick QTE in which I got to perform the infamous 1000 Years of Death move from the series. The fight quickly shifted into a battlefield made of only water and a few platforms. Here I had to make use of the small platforms to dodge Kakashi’s attacks and counter with my own, with some help from Sakura when things got tough. Finally the demo came to a close with a big QTE section which made use of button mashing. Overall it was really fun. Quite easy, but that’s to be expected from a demo.

Namco Bandai really hit the mark with the graphics. It feels like the anime but looks much better. During the fights and QTE cutscenes, it feels like you’re actually playing the anime. The presentation is beautiful, I can’t get over how great it looks. A little disappointed at the fact they didn’t use the official soundtrack. They never seem to be able to with anime tie-ins.

Am I happy with the demo? Yes. I’m absolutely positive that Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will be fantastic when it arrives. It’s a game made for the fans so if that’s you then go ahead, download it. Even though most of you probably have already. It may be enjoyable for people new to the world of Naruto but slightly confusing.

Very enjoyable and looks fantastic. Every Naruto fan will be blown away by the punch this demo packs.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 hits europe on October 15th


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