Dementium III Can Happen

It’s alright folks, we’re still buzzing around. This news, however, is sweeter than any honey us busy bees could ever find. Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid was recently interviewed by 3DS Connect and some interesting answers have surfaced.

3DSC: Do you plan on making any FPS’ for the 3DS?

JW: Yes, we definitely plan on making a First-Person Shooter for the 3DS. Time will tell whether it becomes a reality or not.

3DSC: Could we see a sequel to Dementium II on the 3DS?

JW: Yes, we could.

I can’t help but feel excited after that. Dementium III on the 3DS would be fantastic! Check out the rest of the interview below if you want to read more.



One Response to “Dementium III Can Happen”

  1. […] In the spirit of fun… If I could elect a single man to become the official ‘Tease of the century’, it would be Jools Watsham. First he mentioned a new game in the works from Renegade Kid. Next, he mentioned project ‘BIT’. And just last week, hinted at a possible Dementium III release for the 3DS. […]

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