Another Renegade Kid Title In The Works

Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has just teased a new title!

“I am working on some design stuff for a new game – good stuff!”

I wonder what it could be? Another DS title? Dementium III? Either way, don’t expect it to arrive in Europe anytime soon



2 Responses to “Another Renegade Kid Title In The Works”

  1. Update:

    JoolsWatsham: ”Doing UI mock-ups for project codenamed BIT.” – 7:02 PM Aug 19th.

    I assume these two updates are in reference to the same project. As Cazza queried, I too, wonder if this project is slated for release on the DS.


  2. […] man to become the official ‘Tease of the century’, it would be Jools Watsham. First he mentioned a new game in the works from Renegade Kid. Next, he mentioned project ‘BIT’. And just last week, hinted at a possible Dementium […]

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