MvC 3’s Roster “Locked” – DLC Possible

In an interview with Xbox360Achievements, MvC 3’s producer revealed that the roster for the game has been decided. However, fan feedback may allow for the addition of DLC characters.

“At this stage of development, everything is pretty much locked down. Adding a new character would mean starting the model completely from scratch, so in terms of timeline, that’s probably quite a difficult thing to do now.”

“In terms of schedule, If we’ve got more room in the production team for them to work on and it doesn’t have to be alongside the launch, then it is a possibility that it could be in DLC.”

While that’s all good news, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Considering that there are hundreds of characters that fans are requesting, your favourite might not make it into a DLC release. Bring on the final roster Capcom!



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