New Sonic Colours info

At this year’s Summer of Sonic event, SEGA brought both versions of Sonic Colours. The following info has been confirmed by both playable demos at the event.

  • Gamecube controls finally confirmed. Feels very simular to the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed
  • A to jump, B to boost and X to slide or ground pound when in-air
  • Air Dash has been replaced with a double jump for Sonic
  • QTEs have been removed and replaced with on-screen prompts to double jump
  • Quite a few levels will feature alternate paths. Every level shown in  the demo has alternate routes.
  • The DS version of Colours plays exactly like a Sonic Rush title
  • Tricks have been removed, speed boost isn’t required as much
  • Both games will feature a lot of platforming sections

The more I hear about Sonic Colours, the more I want to play it. This could be the big one for Sonic!



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