Machinarium Offers Redemption For Pirates

This is actually kind of sad…Machinarium, an excellent little point and click game with a great atmosphere and it’s own unique charm, was released with no DRM. Which is fine, alot of people hate DRM, except the problem is it becomes easily copyable, and so pirates can play a copied version with no trouble from serial codes or the like. They’re reporting that, from the feedback, only 5-15% of Machinarium players actually paid for the game, which is shocking considering it doesn’t even cost that much.

But here’s where the “Pirate Amnesty” comes in. From now until August 12th, Machinarium is 75% off, so it only costs $5 (£3.26), and it comes with a free soundtrack. The idea here is that they are giving pirates the chance to redeem themselves, and buy it while it’s cheap. For small time devs like these, every sale goes directly to them, and every last penny counts, so please show your support. And even if you didn’t pirate the game, this is an AMAZING offer, so buy it!



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