Bayonetta announcement is not what you expected

I guess that serves us right for getting our hopes up. The announcement was not a new chapter in the Bayonetta series, but a re-release. Bayonetta is recieving a budget title re-release in glorious nippon for the cheap price of ¥3,990, which is probably more expensive than buying it second hand over here. This version of Bayonetta will include a collection of trailers, most likely of Bayonetta. It has been stated that this trailer collection will include the trailer for the upcoming game Vanquish. To top it all off, the game has a reversable cover to hide the ugly budget title cover art. As you can see pictured above, it’s nice and bright. Rather pink too! Disappointed? I sure am.



One Response to “Bayonetta announcement is not what you expected”

  1. Who does this guy think he is? Tite Kubo?

    Jesus christ trolled.

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