Zelda: New Skyward Sword info

Septembers issue of Nintendo Power had a feature on new Zelda game, Skyward Sword, and as such, some new information about the game has surfaced. Hit the Jump for all the new info!

  • Zelda will return (No mention of Ganon though)
  • There won’t be voice acting (I wouldn’t say this is too bad, It’s nice to give people a voice yourself)
  • Races such as Goron and Zora will most likely return, although they aren’t confirmed.
  • Some new puzzles, which will take advantage of the WM+.
  • The 8 slot item menu was just a placeholder for the demo (phew!)
  • How Link gets from Skyloft to Hyrule will be revealed soon, but Epona won’t be Pegasus.
  • The E3 demo area will be in the final game, but will be divided up, and bosses from the demo will be in different places than they were in the demo.
  • The demo area was the realm below the clouds, and was not part of a dungeon (It was a field)
  • Field and dungeon layouts are being reworked, with elements of each being combined in some cases.
  • The sword has a treasure-seeking ability (…)

I’m really excited for SS, and with each slither of information that hype just grows!

Nintendo Power Scans + Source


2 Responses to “Zelda: New Skyward Sword info”

  1. Awesome, I can’t wait till it finally arrives.

    Yeah, I read somewhere about voice acting in Zelda games, it would take away some of the feel to it. Link has never said a word in any game (except “come on!” in wind waker). I also heard that Nintendo leaves him talkless to make the player more feel like he/she is Link.

    However, voice acting for npc’s would be cool, but could also take away the feel. I’d miss those little noises like they make now.

    • Yeah that’s I feel, while I never want Link to talk, it would be interesting for NPCs, but I’m not sure I’d like it.

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