Pokemon Update: Black/White info + Latias/Latios dlc

Alot has happened on the Pokemon front this past week, with lots of new information on new games Pokemon Black and Pokemon White being revealed thanks to a new trailer, as seen below.

Like us you probably can’t understand Japanese, so for the information the trailer reveals and more, hit the jump!

Okay then..where to start? Well, we have a few new ‘mon revealed. There’s a swanmon, who’s name hasn’t been revealed yet, a deermon, named Shikijika, and an evolution of the previously shown BeaverSquirrelthingmon Minezumi, named Miruhoggu.

Fancy dress party is the other way...

Also revealed was the new bad guys, Team Plasma, who have a silly name and  kick ass knight costumes/uniforms, and a new mode replacing the Pokemon Contests, a “Pokemon Musical” where you dress up your Pokemon and make them dance to music.

The trailer also shows all the functions of the C Gear, how missions work, a new rotational battle system, how seasons can affect the game, and more importantly, the new transfer system.

The method of transferring Pokemon from Gen4 games to Black/White, similar to how Pal Park worked in getting Gen3 to Gen4, is a mini-game called “PokeShifter” which works using using two DS’s. You select six Pokemon to transfer over on the DS with your Gen4 game and then encounter them in a grassy field in Black and White on the second DS. You use a sling shot to shoot Poke Balls at your Pokemon as they jump out of grass and back in, and when you hit them, you re-capture them. Does this mean that they are seeing the games as separate to the others, and that the Isshu region will only Isshu Pokemon? Only time can tell.For full details, see Pokebeach

Also, a heads up if you haven’t done so already, the Emerald Stone mystery gift is now available via Nintendo WFC on Heart Gold and Soul Silver, which will allow you to catch Latias or Latios, depending on which version of the game you own. So go do it now!


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