Review: Geometry Wars for iPad

Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad Review
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Genre: Space, Shooter.
Release Date: Out now.

Geometry Wars, A well known bastion of the downloadable world. Geometry Wars has been an industry favourite since it’s release with Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox, since then there has been re-releases and sequels on various platforms, but the latest venture from Bizzare Creations is Geometry Wars: Touch for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, the version I will be reviewing is the iPad edition.

Nine times out of ten, “HD” versions of games on the iPad really do the original game justice and Geometry Wars for iPad is no exception, Geometry Wars is possibly the nicest looking game on the iPad, it runs as smooth as the console version and controls just as well.

The controls for geometry wars on the iPad is possibly the best implementation of “virtual joysticks” in any game, the control scheme is that the screen is split in half, wherever you touch on the left hand side of the screen, the joystick for movement will appear and on the right, the joystick for firing.

There’s seven game modes in comparison to the six modes in Retro Evolved 2, the “new” game mode featured in the iPad edition is called “Titan”, in Titan mode you take on fewer but larger versions of the enemies.

All of the gameplay modes and visuals have been optimised flawlessly for the iPad, every piece of shrapnel and bullet is clearly visible on the iPad display.

One noticeable niggle with Geometry Wars: Touch is that it does lack the motion blur of Retro Evolved 2, but you cant exactly compare the Xbox 360 and the iPad in terms of horsepower.

All in all, Geometry Wars: Touch is a more than competent edition in the Geometry Wars franchise, gorgeous visuals, smooth gameplay and great controls make this one a must for any iPad owner. I honestly cant give this game enough praise.

Final Rating: 9/10

“An essential for any iOS gamer, a must buy.”


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