Review – Alan Wake DLC; The Signal

Alan Wake DLC #1 – The Signal
Publisher: Microsoft Gaming Studios
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Action/Adventure
Release Date: Out Now

If you own an Xbox 360 then it’s a safe bet to say that you’re familiar with Alan Wake. Released back in May of this year, Alan Wake has been a huge hit. The first of two promised DLC episodes has arrived safely and is ready for download. Read on ahead to find out our opinion on “The Signal.”

The Signal takes place after the events of the main game, although that’s pretty obvious. Our favourite Author is finding himself stuck in the worst places once again, only this time a bit more familiar. Alan seems to be stuck in a town controlled by an insane version of himself, who frequently appears on televisions to give bizzare messages. Alan must rely on the help of Thomas Zane and reach The Signal before it’s too late. To be quite honest, it feels more like a recap of the first 3 chapters with a bit of a twist put into it.

The main gameplay is pretty much the same as a main game episode. Explore through scenery, defeat the Taken, collect random tat scattered about. It’s not manuscript pages you’re hunting after this time. It’s alarm clocks and cardboard cut-outs. Yeah, some really unique items there. They sure love to play on the “Wake” pun don’t they? I mean come on, alarm clocks. Well I guess it’s more realistic than most collectables found in video games.

If you’re looking to extend your playtime on Alan Wake a bit, The Signal is going to run you at least a good 2 to 3 hours on the first playthrough. The DLC includes a nice and tasty 250 extra gamerscore for you to unlock so you’ll undoubtedly be replaying it a few more times. While most of us are getting The Signal for free, I feel that 560 MSP is a bit expensive for such short DLC. You may want to wait for a possible deal before purchasing.

Short DLC, short review. Overall positive opinion. It’s nice to see more use of the word feature from episode 6 and it manages to keep in the excellent scripting. The Signal is much harder than the main chapters so do expect to shout and scream a few times when a Taken does you in with an axe. Definately a fun way to waste a few hours of your day.

Final Opinion- 7/10

A little over-priced but very enjoyable. A nice return to the world of Alan Wake that fans will enjoy.


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